There are many events and occasions in your life worthy of celebration – births, marriages, your health, your family, your past or your future. There may not be a recognised way of honouring these occasions, but Jane can devise and deliver a ceremony that will give the occasion meaning and gravitas.

Baby naming ceremony

If you want to welcome a child into the family and into the wider world in a non-religious ceremony, Jane will create and deliver an occasion that will mark the event in a totally unique way.

Wedding vow renewals

Whether you have reached a milestone wedding anniversary or simply want to reaffirm your love and commitment, renewing your vows is a wonderful way of celebrating your relationship. It can be an occasion for just the two of you, for your family or an opportunity to include all your friends too.

Health ceremony

When you have recovered from an illness and want to acknowledge the help and support that you have received and celebrate your recovery.

Achievement ceremony

Acknowledge a significant birthday, an anniversary or a success.

Giving thanks ceremony

When you want to say thank you in a meaningful way, a tailor-made ceremony will add a sense of important and occasion.