Frequently Asked Questions

From the moment you start thinking about your wedding ceremony, you will have questions.
Here are the most common questions and the answers. But if there is anything else you want to ask, contact me by email using, via phone on 07584 036 216 or via my Facebook page.

  • We aren’t clear on what we want - or what is possible. Where do we start?

    First, read the information on this website. If you’d like more detail (without committing to anything), contact me by email or phone and we will arrange a meeting. There is no cost for this and it doesn't matter if you subsequently decide not to use me as your wedding celebrant.

  • We are getting married outside Lancashire - do you travel?

    Yes, I travel in the UK and abroad. Where extra travel costs are incurred, I will add these in to your quotation.

  • What can we include in our wedding ceremony?

    As long as it’s legal and decent, you can have whatever you want! The beauty of a celebrant wedding is that there are no rules or limitations, so you can do whatever you wish.

  • So, can we add religious elements?

    Yes, absolutely. I am an Independent Celebrant and so any readings, hymns, songs or music from any religion can be included.

  • Does it matter what religion we practice?

    Not at all. I will incorporate any element from any religion - whether you practice it or not.

  • We want to include our children and family in the ceremony - will this be possible?

    Absolutely! It’s your ceremony so you decide who takes part and in what way. I can give you ideas of how children, family and friends can play a part in your wedding ceremony, or you can tell me exactly what you want.

  • Do we have to write the vows ourselves?

    If you want to yes, If you don’t, I will write them with your input. Your vows can be totally bespoke, you can borrow elements from others or you can follow traditional weddings scripts which are used in churches and register offices. The choice is entirely yours.

  • Do you conduct same-sex ceremonies?

    Yes, I do.

  • Does it matter if I’ve been married before?

    Not at all.

  • Will our ceremony be legal?

    In England and Wales, celebrants cannot legally officiate at a wedding. You will get legally married before the ceremony, probably a few days or hours beforehand. I will advise you on what you have to do and what you can do to make it as simple as possible.
    Your celebration will have such a sense of occasion and gravitas that for you and your guests, this will be the moment when your marriage becomes reality.

  • We don’t want to be legally married - but we want to celebrate our love and our partnership. Does this matter?

    Not at all. Whether you are married, are going to get married or are not going to get married, your celebration is about you as a couple. For many couples, a celebrant ceremony is as official to them as they need it to be - and that is all that matters.

  • What will a wedding celebration cost?

    My fees for a full wedding celebration are £650. This includes the following for everyone:

    ​Unlimited contact between booking and the actual day - by email, telephone or Skype.
    ​A tailor-made wedding ceremony. The script, the vows, the finishing touches will all be totally unique
    ​A rehearsal with me (the evening before or early on your wedding day) with the wedding party.
    ​A commemorative wedding certificate, signed by the marriage partners and me
    ​A beautifully presented copy of your wedding ceremony script

    Extras such as unity candles, gemstones, loving cups or brooms - and all of which you keep ​​afterwards can be added at for an additional price according to your needs.

  • We don't live locally - where can we meet up?

    Ideally, our initial meeting will be at the venue you would like to use, so we can explore the options and how the ceremony could work. If this isn't possible, we can meet somewhere else or have a Skype call.

  • Do we meet again before the wedding day?

    Yes, we may meet up, talk on the phone, email, Skype - whatever is suitable for you. There will be lots of communication to ensure that the ceremony is exactly what you want. I can also talk to photographers, videographers and anyone else to ensure that they have the information they need.

  • Will we be able to have a rehearsal?

    Yes, either a short time beforehand or earlier in the day of the actual ceremony. We can iron out any problems, let everyone practice their part, check that everything is as you want it and ensure that photographers etc know where they can get their best shots.

  • Does the venue have to be registered in any way?

    You can use any venue you like (if it’s private property and doesn't belong to you, you’ll need permission). So you can use your garden, a field, the beach, a golf club…anywhere that is special to you.

  • Do you wear a uniform?

    It is your day so I choose my outfit according to your request and so I blend in, rather than stand out. I can look official, smart, casual, romantic - I will be guided by you.

  • When do you arrive for the ceremony?

    My objective is to make sure that everything goes smoothly through the whole ceremony, so I will arrive at least 2 hours before we start, in order to prepare and ensure that everyone is happy and knows what they are doing.

  • How long will the ceremony take?

    Because every wedding ceremony is unique, the times will vary. But I guarantee that it won’t be rushed and I won’t be dashing off to another ceremony.

  • Will we have any keepsake from the ceremony?

    Yes, you will have a certificate and a copy of the words spoken. If you have included a hand fasting, unity candle or other ceremony, you will also have the items as a keepsake.

  • How long in advance can I book?

    I will take your booking when you are ready, whether that’s a week or a year in advance. Obviously, summer and weekends are the most popular times for weddings and these get booked up quickly. I only do one ceremony a day, so I recommend that you reserve the date as soon as you are happy that I am the Celebrant for you.

  • Can I reserve the date?

    Once you make contact with me, I will pencil your wedding date in my diary and I will let you know if anyone else enquires about that date. But you can only secure the date by paying a £150 non refundable booking fee.

  • What is the full process?

    • We meet, discuss what you want and explore ideas
    • If you decide you would like me to lead your wedding celebration, you pay a £150 Booking Fee to secure the date. The remainder is payable 8 weeks before the event
    • I come up with ideas and scripts, tweaking them until it is exactly what you want.
    • I will liaise with other people involved in your celebration (e.g. photographers, musicians) to ensure everything runs smoothly
    • We will have a rehearsal beforehand if required
    • On the day, I will arrive in plenty of time and leave when my job is done

  • This sounds perfect for us - what do we do now?

    Vsit the contact us page to get in touch and let me know your expected wedding date (if you know it). We will then arrange a date to meet up, to discuss the options and so I can explain what is possible

    If you decide to book me, you pay a £100 deposit to secure the date and we will then begin to plan the ceremony.

    I hope this has answered your questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you for considering me as part of your Wedding Celebration.