Meet Jane

When Jane’s daughter and fiancé began planning their wedding from their home in Sydney, they explored all the options and settled on having a celebrant. The problem was, they couldn’t find one who was right for them. The solution? Jane trained and qualified with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC), so that her daughter and fiancé could have the celebration they wanted. The day was a resounding success, with Jane organising and officiating the wedding ceremony, as well as being the Mother of the Bride and the hostess. Guests were singing her praises as the celebrant and Jane realised this was a role she wanted to continue.

Before becoming an independent celebrant, Jane had a varied career including BA stewardess, salon manager for Elizabeth Arden, property developer and B&B hostess. These roles focussed on understanding customer needs and delivering excellent service, and Jane brings these skills to her celebrant role and to your wedding.

Jane’s primary objective is to ensure that your day is exactly as you want it. She knows what the worries and concerns will be and who needs to be where and when – and she will ensure that these all happen, without fuss. She will be your Celebrant as well as being another pair of eyes, a safe pair of hands, the organiser and the creative. Jane’s life skills and experience allow her to create an exceptional ceremony crafted for you alone, making your day an event which you and your guests will always remember.

She lives in the beautiful Ribble Valley near Clitheroe, Lancashire and will travel nationwide and abroad to officiate at weddings

“I was privileged to have a front seat at the marriage of Dillan and Azar which was a uniquely joyous and poetic ceremony, outdoors in the September sunshine. All passed off seamlessly with great flair and immaculate timing

Jane was professional and considerate, leading the ceremony and being the conductor of the day, whilst allowing the bride and groom to take centre stage and be the focus for their guests. A magical ceremony.”