From the moment you make contact with Jane, she will help you plan a wedding celebration which weaves the ceremony, the promises, vows and the celebrations with family and friends into a personal and memorable day for everyone involved.

The legalities

Getting legally married is very simple and inexpensive. You need to register your legal marriage with the Registrar, which can take place a few days before your celebration. It can be very simple and does not require vows or the exchange of rings and costs around £120 for the notices, the marriage and the certificate.

Set your imagination free

Your wedding ceremony can be wherever, whenever and however and with whoever you want. You may want to hold it at a hotel, on a beach, in your garden, at a cricket club, in a field or somewhere you love. The ceremony can take place at sunrise or sunset, midday or midnight, weekday or weekend. You can include personal readings, promises, vows, songs, poems, religious readings, spiritual readings, comedy and speeches – everything is possible.

Some couples know exactly what they want, others need help working through all the possibilities. Jane will advise and inspire from start to finish – here are a few ideas which can been incorporated into wedding ceremonies.


A tradition going back hundreds of year and seen in many cultures, a mini handfasting is - quite literally -"tying the knot”. Jane uses two different satin ribbons representing the joining of two families as the happy couple are ceremoniously bound together in a shared future.

Sand ceremony

Not only a simple but significant way to demonstrate the unity of two people or two families, a sand ceremony will also give you a wedding day keepsake.
Each person taking part (the wedding couple, children, family members - the choice is yours) has a vase of coloured sand. They take it in turns to pour their sand into a central vase, building up layers of different colours, signifying the unity of the individuals and the harmony of married life. The final layer can be a mix of everyone's sand.

Unity Candle

This is a beautiful way of involving family members in the wedding ceremony. Someone from each family (often the mothers of the married couple) light a taper candle, and these two candles are then passed to the wedding couple who use them to light the single Unity candle.
The symbolism will be personal to you, but it is a way to show the joining of the two families and the love and support for the married couple. The Unity candle can be re-lit on special occasions such as anniversaries and births.

Jumping the broom

The exact origins of jumping the broom are unclear, but it is known to have been part of ancient Welsh Romany, African American, Celtic, Druid and Aboriginal culture. In a wedding ceremony, jumping the broom symbolises leaving the past and stepping into married life,the broom itself was symbolic of sweeping away the past and jumping into your new life together.Whether you use a plain broom or one adorned with ribbons,jumping the broom will add a unique touch to your day.

Other personal touches

You may wish to incorporate a Loving Cup (Quaich), rose ceremony, gemstone ceremony or ring warming into the events - or something else which is totally unique to you both. As you discuss your ideas with Jane, she will develop them until you have exactly what you want.

Your vows

A very personal part of your wedding ceremony are the words you choose for your vows. It is also the part which may cause you the most difficulty - how can you choose words which are meaningful, sincere and incorporate everything you want to say? Whether you want to promise to love and honour, laugh and cry, support and encourage, Jane will shape your ideas into a set of vows or promises which are deeply meaningful to you both.

Wedding Arch

Available for Hire is a hand made, 4 pillared Birch Wood Wedding Arch.
Created to be free standing on any surface this is the perfect frame for your ceremony which you can personalise with decorations of your choosing.
Please Contact for further details.